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    My mother started receiving partial aid and attendance last March. This past March i reapplied for full aid and attendance since Mom had a fall in December and now is in an assisted living facility since February. I have not received her check for the months of April and May is that because they are looking into the new application or because it is a new year was there something else i needed to do. I am going to call but wanted to know your thoughts.

    Thank you.
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    One of two things happened:

    1. She received an Eligibility Verification Report (EVR), but did not submit it to VA, so her award was suspended

    2. Her award was originally approved for only one year based on the expenses she submitted at the time of the original application and her award is now terminated

    Things you should do ASAP:

    1. Submit VA Form 21-0845 if you haven't already done so.
    2. Once the 0845 is in, go to and ask via IRIS why the payments have not been sent. Specifically, ask if the award is terminated or suspended. Once you know what is going on here, you will then know if you are dealing with a reopened claim, an EVR adjustment, or an income adjustment claim. Each one of these claims has different procedures and time frames (for example, EVR's are turned around in 4 weeks, but income adjustments take 4 months).

    Questions? Please respond.

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