Back pension will not get paid before death, what final expenses can be sent in

Discussion in 'Waiting on Updates' started by ForMyDad, May 6, 2015.

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    It's been over a year since they sent purple letter for incompetency which was NOT true so dad sent letters from dr and psych to prove it. No response even though it says 60 days. Again this year he requested back pension. Letter coming they say. Nothing.

    Now he is sick, although still sharp in mind. They are outwaiting him and looks like they won't have to pay him the back pay. Should we try for the fin. rep thing or is it too late.

    If he dies while this is still in process, what "final expenses" can we submit. I'm worried about spending money we don't have on headstone etc and then they refuse it.

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    You need to pick up the phone and call his Senator immediately!!! Have them make an inquiry as to the status of his application, back pension etc. There is no excuse, and I do mean none for it to be this far out without an award.

    Please do not let another day go by that you don't make that call.

    If he passes, then you would only be able to file against accrued benefits for anything you or another family member personally paid for his care.
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    I called Senator Stabenow's office and they "sent a letter" on my father's behalf. Wish I had known there is a staff member whose job is to deal with VA. Was excited to see letter in mailbox but it was VA telling dad they are lowering pension because he's been in hospital 30 days and will take it away if he stays until June. I'm not upset about that, but the fact they could make a decision in 30 days. Did I mention they also approved the liberating law pension, but never said for how much and have not responded in any way to the release of money owed. I don't understand why they are fine with paying him every month but not for what they owe because they were slow. He has bills to pay. Month is used up these three years of high out of pocket medical expenses. Last week he was asking me about bills, money left, if car was sold etc. this week I think he's giving up on everything. If VA insists everyone has to be incompetent, couldn't they have told him and started the process. The form didn't say he had to agree and he didn't. Every who takes care of him realizes his mind is sharp, but he's old and tired, not incompetent. Thank you for response.
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    Make the Senator's office stay on top of this and get that 1 yr owed from the liberalizing law.

    The VA rarely comes forward with information that would actually help. You have to dig and dig, and be your own advocate, which is a disgrace.
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    He is owed 9 months from first claim and year from the Lib. Law.

    It's going to be a much larger funeral at the rate this is going. He wanted small and simple. Money was to go to skilled care facility where he stayed several times with broken bones, but his savings were used instead. So money that was saved for rent due this summer has gone to medical care and money that should have replaced it will only come to him if used by us for funeral. This is so wrong. They are "protecting" his "windfall" check by forcing the money to be used for a funeral instead of his bills.

    This is actually the only site that answers a question. The lawyers want to sell products. The VA agents want power signed over to them and family could be out of loop. No place to phone. VA does not answer emails on the veteran site.

    Need to add that the local VA hospital has been wonderful to dad. He has been in and out of many different places these last years and the VA treats him the best. They honor his service. The staff are mainly veterans and the way they respect the WWII vets is amazing. There is a mixture of patient ages which gives an air of aliveness not seen in nursing home settings. Simple thing such as in the dining hall, the men serving sit down next to each vet, tell them what the cook has made and go bring back their choices. Most nursing homes have two choices and it's served on a prepared tray. Our local veteran hospital has provided home aides, medical equipment and supplies.

    Paperwork has been a nightmare but once in system, so worth it. Just wrong that they refuse to deal with the fact that they are wrong and he can make decisions about money even if he's not writing the physical checks. He is not incompetent and to be called so would kill him.
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    The entire process is a disgrace, and I am sorry.

    You need to make his Senator be his advocate. Going any other route is going to cost you precious time.
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    Approved. Senator's office did it. VA "lost it"

    Both times I guess, plus letters

    Check won't be until end of next week or longer so he likely will not make it. He's still aware, but going down fast. I expect pensio to come day after he dies so they take it back. Pray that doesn't happen.

    Thank you for help. I had no idea senator's office actually knew who to talk to at VA.

    Dad chased submarines away from convoys crossing the Atlantic. Then destroyer escort went to the Pacific and he stood on board destroyer as background when local Japanese commander officially surrendered in the islands.
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    My prayer is that he will make it, and the VA does not win this round.

    I am so sorry that this battle was even necessary, but yes, I keep telling people to let their Senator's do their job.

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