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    For Form 21-4138---who signs this form--the veteran who will receive benefits or the person who will be appointed as fiduciary? We have typed in the letter for acceptance of rating of incompetent as recommended on this site. His first month of benefits is being withheld.
    If my father's award letter did not contain any forms or information on the liberalizing law, does this mean the VA does not think he would be eligible for retroactive payments for the previous 12 months? Assets he held at the beginning of 2014 were used to pay for his nursing home charges through the first half of 2014. After his move to assisted living in the summer, he was able to cover about one-half of the charges for assisted living from his social security check, and his family paid the difference to the facility. His claim was processed as a Fully Developed Claim.
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    Your Dad signs everything.

    Usually if the applicant is eligible for the previous 12 months, a form is included.

    I would suggest your reach out to the VA and ask if in fact your Dad might be eligible if indeed his physical and financial states were pretty much the same.

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