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    My mother qualified for $447 each month from the VA which was granted last March. She has recently been released from a rehabilitation/nursing home (due to a fall which required 18 staples in her head) and i have just entered her into an assisted living facility. I have recently appealed the March decision (because it didn't even cover the cost of the companion i had for her each month) requesting full aid and attendance since the cost of the rehabilitation facility after the 14 days paid through medicare is excessive (i have not received that bill yet but it should be in the $3000 range). I have just paid the unbelievably unrefundable $3,840 entry fee to the assisted living facility plus the cost of $128 per day fee through March 2010 of $6,272 for a total of $10,112 so her savings is depleting fast.

    I want to know if there is a special VA form that needs to be filled out from the Assisted Living residence or can i just send in the handbill they gave me. I paid that all by check through my mother's account. I am just worried as i need to do this as quickly as possible as when her savings is depleted I will have to subsidize the cost for her.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.
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    You can print the ALF form off from the home page and you need to do a 21-4138 Support of Claim showing her new expenses and residence.

    Hope it all goes smoothly for you.
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    Thank you, i will do that right away.
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    Dumb question, where do we print off the ALF form, which home page do you mean??? Thanks

    by the way the VA did send me a form 21-0779 request for nursing home

    since I cannot find one on the forms site of the VA then this must be the one they use for assisted living then??

    They state right on the letter that they know he is living in an assisted living facility because I stated that in the application online process.
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    The 0779 is the form, but it hasn't been updated in a long time. A new form is in the works, but it hasn't been approved yet. In the meantime, VA is using an informal questionaire. I will get the text for that for everyone shortly.
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    I may have missed it elsewhere, but I am wondering which form or set of questions to use for Assisted Living.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I so appreciate your help....and all that I've found here!
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    You're welcome! Please share the site.

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