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  1. Please, forgive me if this is addressed somewhere else. I am new and I've tried to search for what I'm looking for--My dad, 81, has Alzheimer's and diabetes and is in the hospital for "numerous strokes" which he can't remember. He has been in the hospital for 5 days, and at times has insisted he's not had a stroke, or is not in the hospital, amongst other things. Physically, there was no damage, but with the Alzheimer's we can't tell how much damage may have been done to his memory. We do know he has been worsening steadily before the strokes and at any given time may be aware or not aware. My mother (76) has Parkinson's, COPD and diabetes and is barely able to get around. They have both been able to take care of each other up until dad's strokes, but it has been becoming increasingly difficult. I just found out about this site and this pension, and I need to know if I can apply for both parents at the same time, and if so, how do I begin? Mom totally went to pieces today at the thought of him being discharged and her trying to care for him. Right now my husband and I both work, but we don't make enough to pay for assisted living, and my parents would be wiped out in no time if they were to pay for it. I'm scared to death at this turn of events and at a loss as to what to do between now and the time they "might" qualify for aid. Please help me get I make two completely different claims? Does it matter that they live together and can't take care of one another much longer?
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    Welcome, and please know that all the resources you need to get through this are here on the forums and the website.

    You would file the 21-526 and file as a veteran with spouse. You will need the Physician Eval for both of them.

    Go to the website and look at How to Apply You should also read through the site and the FAQ section to help you better understand.

    You can also file an Informal Claim to start the clock on the claim. See more about this in the FAQ section.
  3. Thank you so much for replying so fast. I have been reading through the forum and I can't understand how the VA can even face people. I am so sorry for what you went through; I read your story and I think you are wonderful for trying to help others. They had someone from Social Services at the hospital assigned to us, and she called the VA, told them who she was, what her job was and that she was helping a patient and asked them if there was such a thing as a pension for assisted living. They told her they couldn't tell her anything because she wasn't a vet! A patient who can't help themselves and has no family is doomed. She had a form she got faxed from the VA rep for this area and it was NOT the one to jump start the claim you mentioned, nor did she know anything about it. I gave her the papers I printed off your site because she didn't know of it and couldn't get info off the VA site because it was so hard to navigate and find anything. I'm going to try to see this VA rep who in their words, "works wonders" tomorrow. She said he's only in town on Mon. and Wed. mornings and might be here until 11am, but it's his discretion and is known to leave early; I better arrive early because it's first come, first served. I'm so glad to have found this site, and at the same time, so discouraged; I had no idea of the difficulties or long waiting time.
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    Thank you for your kind words about my efforts, and I hope you will take what I learned the "hard" way and use it to your benefit.

    DON'T let this person file this claim for you. You can do this and you do not want to sign a 21-22 making them the Claimant's Representative. YOU need to use the 21-0845 making you an Approved 3rd Party for the VA to discuss the application with. Get the Informal Claim sent off before the end of the month so May will be the effective month. Otherwise you will lose a month.

    The Informal Claim gives you up to a year to get a completed application submitted. Be sure to note which Pension Center you should mail to for their state, and send it Return Receipt.

    You don't want to know how many have turned for help only to be told this Pension is not real or told they don't qualify unless they are already drawing "compensation".
  5. Thank you--I'm a bit confused; you said to file the 21-526 as veteran with spouse, but to file the 214138 first. If I file the 21-4138 first, it looks like I can only fill out for the veteran OR the spouse? Does that mean I need to file a separate 21-4138 on each of them? I will be sure not to let my mom sign the 21-22, but what reason do I give her? She will want to know, and I'm not sure I fully understand except to know it's in our best interest.
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    The 21-526 is the actual application. On that is where you would note that you are filing for a veteran and spouse.

    This benefit is based on the veteran's service so since you are filing for both you would as I said have the Physician's Eval included with the actual application.

    The 21-4138 is the Informal Claim where you are not submitting a formal application. You are starting the clock on the claim. Only suggest this so you will have time to get all the necessary documents together and be able to complete the application without losing a month they would be entitled to if approved.

    As a suggestion you can tell your mom that you want to be able to oversee the process and if she signs the 21-22, you won't be able to deal directly with the VA on their behalf.

    Since your dad has been diagnosed with Alz, after an award is made, you will have to deal with the Fiduciary process as the VA does not recognize POA, but don't get ahead of where and what you need to be focused on now.
  7. Bless your heart, I can't tell you how glad I am to have found your site. Nor can I thank you enough.
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    You're welcome.
  9. Just an FYI--I went to meet with this VA Rep at 9am, and he was not in his office. His door was shut and locked. The people who shared this office space said he had been in earlier. There was another man there to see him, a vet who said he had been trying to obtain some paper he had lost in a house fire (I can't remember what form it was or what it was for) but the jist of it was that he had been trying for months, and this rep was supposed to have filed for him to get it, and he hadn't gotten any feedback from him, couldn't catch him, and that he was never there when he was supposed to be. He showed me the number they had given him, which I took down since the number I had received yesterday was not in service and not a working number. Someone inside the building came out and told this vet that they had reached him on his cell, that he had a Dr. appt. and they would have him call when he was back in. I sat in my car a second, and decided to go in to ask them if they had a number I could reach him at. It was the same number the vet gave me, and she said "we'll transfer you when you call" meaning it was not "his" number. I have decided I don't need to deal with this man, and am going to trust you and this website to help me through this.

    On another note, dad is now checked in to the rehab as of this morning; they are wonderful people and although we don't know how long he can stay there yet, at least we can breathe, regroup, and try to decide what to do next.
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    You should contact the County Administrator and report this man's inability to be in his office for any set number of hours for him to be of "service" County offices are paid for by the TAXPAYERS of that county.

    You would be doing a tremendous service by bringing this to the authorities attention, and would also make your Senator and Congressperson aware of the situation.

    Keep in mind while dad is in rehab, that should be paid by Medicaid, and you can't count that expense.

    Glad you decided to take my advice......You can do this!
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  12. Again, thank you so much! The vet I talked to said he had reported him to the VA more than once, and they have done nothing. I spoke to my husband who said years ago when we were trying to get disability for his loss of smell, that the rep back then was useless and he wound up not using him, but from the description I got of the current rep, this is a different one (different race.) We live in Oklahoma, and this VA rep, from what I understand, handles several counties. So wouldn't he be the county rep? Should I just contact my senator or congressman?
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    The VA isn't going to do much about a "County" rep. I suggest you do in my previous post. Do both.

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