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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Daughter, Apr 27, 2007.

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    I have a question about the timing of applying for A&A.
    My father is 88, approaching dementia and blind. He is currently living with my mother in an independent/assisted living facility, but he needs much more personal care than my mother can provide for him. We would like to move him (but not my mother) to a full assisted living facility, where he will get much more help with daily activities.
    They can not afford to pay for 2 separate places, so we can not move him unless we are quite sure the A&A would come through. Can we apply for A&A before we actually move him? Or is this is a Catch-22: we can not afford to move him, but can not apply for assistance until we move him?
    We greatly appreciate any help you can provide. The website and forum are really godsends!
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    Assuming he meets all of the other requirements, he should be receiving the benefit now. Did someone tell you not to apply? It does not matter what level of service that the 'assisted living facility' is providing. You need to file ASAP. Depending on what state he is living in will determine how long the processing will take on his claim. That should not be the case but it is.

    Be sure to review the other website for additional information and assistance in completing the paperwork.

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