An Open Letter to the VA

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    The United States Department of Veterans Affairs Mission Statement

    “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan”

    (Mission statement taken from President Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address)

    Open letter to the Department of Veteran's Affairs of the United States of America

    You have managed to build a fortress keeping out the very veterans to whom you are to honor, and take care of in exchange for their service.

    You have built your fortress with your forms that require a law degree to understand and continue to increase the length and difficulty of making a simple application for benefits or pensions.

    You stand ever-ready with your legal council and Boards of Appeals to deny, deny, and deny, while the veteran stands helpless with discharge papers in hand.

    You have created enough red tape to choke the life out of anyone, and have deprived millions of veterans and their spouse benefits they were and are entitled to by payment of service and sacrifice to this country.

    You have completely abandoned the premise of why your agency exist and hold at bay our veterans as though they were the enemy, while it is you who have taken up arms against those who take up arms to defend us and our way of life.

    You tolerate ineptness within your agency and call it “backlog” and then reward Senior Officials with pay increases for a “job well done’!

    You have tied the hands of our veterans and their families behind their backs, and leave them exhausted from trying to figure out the maze you have created that is intended to lead to nowhere.

    You hide behind codes and statues while the mound of unprocessed claims reaches critical mass.

    As a reminder for you, these are our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters that you have been entrusted to “care” for. Your lack of doing so is unacceptable, inexcusable, and without exception, the highest form of dishonor and disgrace to those who have "borne the battle."

    It is indeed a day of reckoning, and every dog has its day, and because a soldier put on a uniform and took an oath, you are entitled to yours.

    Let Freedom Ring…………….
  2. veteranadvocate

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    Very well stated. We need more people to take a stand for our veterans. You take it one step further by putting your words into action. Just like establishing this website to get the information out that the VA have kept hidden for so many years. This is only one of many benefits that is available to our veterans but the info is kept from our veterans. Our government will provide a summary of possible veteran's benefits for our veterans but they must pay for it. The price has dropped to $5 for each booklet. I think our veterans have already paid the price.

    Many veterans are afraid to speak out against the VA for fear of losing their benefits. They lost the very freedom that they fought for. Some may think this is not true but it is. I speak from experience.

    They were there for us when we needed them. Let's be there now for them.
  3. Oldeman

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    The VA has put up so many roadblocks for us Veterans to get the benefits that we have earned, that most of us, either give up or die waiting.
    When are you morons in DC going to do something to speed the process up?
    What would happen to your jobs if the military just quit protecting this country because you have abandoned them?
    Could you live on what WE get monthly? I doubt it, a lot of you use more postage per month than what we get per month.
    Could you live the way you like as you are now while your making $5.50 an hour?
    I think that an honest days hard work would probably kill a bunch of you.
    When I joined, I gave the Air Force a blank check that was good for up to giving my life for my country.
    Now, what do I get, a bunch of garbage.
    Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. veteranadvocate

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    We need more people to take the stand and demand accountability. Our government can always find the money to fight these wars but never enough money to take care of the after effects.

    Don't give-up on your claim. I sent you a personal email. Let me know if you do not receive it. Keep up the fight. You didn't quit then and you are not going to quit now.
  5. lhutch

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    We are waiting over a year for A&A benefits. My step dad was approved in May 08 for A&A. We are still waiting forf them to resolve fidicuary issue and release funds. Senator Kyl's office in AZ has sent requests, as well as an agency helping us. I have called the Phoenix office twice, and they make a record of my request. They have made no effort to meet with my mom and step dad. Any suggestions?


    SDWZOO Newbie

    The VA, has no incentive to process claims in a timely manner. The strategy is to wait until the vet, or surviving spouse dies, thus the claim is now void. My Step-Dad died two weeks prior to his claim approval. The VA refused my Mother his entitlement, requiring the family to file another claim on behalf of my Mother.Of course Mother being 84, and in bad health died June 19, 2010(4) months into the claim process. Claim voided! My sister had to quit her job to care for them. She did file a request for reimbursement, but I do not have any confidence the VA honor her request.
    My Mother-in-law whom is now under the care of Hospice, claim for assistance filed (1) year (4) months ago, approved (7) months ago still has not received her benefits. I will not address the numerous instances of misinformation, phone calls un- returned as promised, refusal to answer questions, with "I don't know". This agency apparently has accountability to no one! This behavior by the VA goes beyond bureaucracy, and ineptness. I am convinced a systematic strategy is in place.

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