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    My wife’s Uncle, who we are primary care for, has been living in a ALF for 8 years now while receiving maximum A&A , he is now needing regular medical assistance on a daily basis ,straight catheter, and from what we have been told no ALF will provide that. The local nursing home which we are very happy with, does not have any available space for him. So my wife and I are considering moving him into our home, until space is available for him. What expense's if any will the A&A money cover, while he is living in our home? What forms will we have to submit in the move to our home, and eventually the move to a nursing home?
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    He would need to continue to pay you to act as his caregivers. He cannot suspend paying for care while you are providing his care.

    If you suspect that a bed will become available in the foreseeable future, I would not make any changes, or notifications until he is moved into the Nursing Home. You may find that the rates there will be higher than the ALF, and may have to explore Medicaid if he is unable to afford the increased rate.

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