Aid & Attendence decreased due to spouse problem

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Has anyone had a decrease in their Aid & Attendence due to spouse living w the qualifying vet?

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  1. Iflig

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    My father is the veteran that was approved for Aid & Attendance. He lives with my mom in a senior community. The approved award came through for a single vet no dependents. It took a year of sending in support to show he's been married for 42 years. Now they've reduced his aid stating 1/2 the amount paid for rent/assisted living is not going to be covered for his spouse. It's a flat fee. They've also now stated he owes for a year and a half of overpayment. Has anyone ever had this problem? He was changed and approved as a married vet with a dependent. Where do they think the spouse is going to live? Can anyone help? Was it ever been an issue before and resolved? My parents are afraid they're going to get thrown out of their apartment. Thanks

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