Aid & attendance for Alzheimer's vet on Long Island

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this site! I want to get A&A for my uncle with Alzheimer's in a nursing home. Do I need to be appointed a fiduciary or can I just fill out another form? Does anyone know of a service on Long Island that would handle filing the application for him? Thank you for any assistance you can provide!
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    I'm glad you find to be a helpful website! You do not address the Fiduciary issue until the VA makes a ruling of incompetency. Fill out the forms needed for the application which you can find listed on VeteranAid's How to Apply page ( and mail those in, always return receipt. If the VA makes a ruling of incompetency, then you will go through the process of appointing yourself the Fiduciary.

    We do not recommend using an outside source to help in filing the A&A application, which is why this site was created to help people go through the application process themselves for the veteran and/or the veteran's spouse.
  3. Thanks Kaylin! For proof of income for his pension, I only have the monthly bank statement showing the pension direct deposit. Is that sufficient?
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    Yes, you need to include a bank statement to show proof of current "countable income". You are welcome!

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