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    I was appointed fuduciary for my Mother. Until her Aid and Attendance was approved, she was surviving on SSI alone(less than $1000.00 monthly).Upon approval the VA required I sign a affidavit notating I receive $800 monthly. ( This amount was suggested by the Rep.)A backpay check arrived, monthly checks started shortly. My Mother wrote me a check, for several thousand dollars, for my prior expenses asto her care before, and during the lengthy approval process. My question is: Am I required to report as income this reimbursement, and the $800.00 monthly being it is used for her care? Question #2: if I am required to report this money as income. How to I enter it on my taxes as no W2 is provided by the VA.

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    Repayment of loans is not taxable but payments for caregiving services are at the Federal level, and then depending on the state, they either are or are not taxable at the State level.

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