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    According to the American Veterans Institute guide, in addition to the requirement that the benefitee own less than $80,000 in assets, there is a requirement that he/she have a "countable income" of less than the benefit amount. In my mother's case, we have an in-home aide, whose cost uses almost all of her income. If you factor in costs of rent and food, her expenses exceed her income. My question is this: Can her rent and food be figured in along with her medical expenses in calculating her "countable income"? If not, I have to wonder why, since they are included in the cost of assisted living facilities, and I don't think applicants who live in assisted living/nursing home arrangements are required to deduct their basic living expenses from their medical expenses when calculating their "countable income."
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    Food and rent cannot be counted in with medical expenses. The charges for the in-home aide can be counted. As you stated, this would reduce her countable income.

    Sorry I cannot explain the VA's thinking on some of their policies.

    Hope this addresses your question.
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    Thanks for your reply.
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    I'm confused by the answer given by Veteran advocate in this matter. I was under the impression that if the person is eligible for A&A and needed around the clock care as stated by their physician (dressing, meal prep, med management, bathing, incontinence care, basically everything an ALF would do) then the all monies used for the persons care could be counted as an expense if it was for "homebound care". Am I wrong here?

    Case in point: My mother, who does not do well in ALF lives with me. All of her SS and military income goes to me for her care (Approx. $1700). I do not work outside the home because I take care of her almost 24/7 with the exception of home health aides 2 times per week. Can I not count the amount of money I use for her room and board and can I not count the money I am paid by her to take care of her as an expense? If not, then I think I've been waiting for a response from the VA that will not help her. I guess I would have to place her into an ALF or nursing home - is that right? If so, that hardly seems right when I can take care of her with more love, compassion and empathy than a stranger. Can someone knowledgable please help me with my question. I'm confused again . . . par for the course . Should I just give up on my application?
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    Check the following link for detailed information regarding your question.

    I think 13 (h) will give a direct answer to your question. This the VA's adjudication manual. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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