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    First, let me say thanks for doing this site. The info is awesome and very pertinent for a son trying to help his father. Thank you for doing it.

    My father in 90 years old. He currently receives the max in Aid and Attendance and lives in an assisted living home in Texas. He has no income because of all the medical costs. He is certified as 30% service connected disabled effective May, 2002. The per cent may be more now because of stokes and other ailments. The home has raised the rates and I will soon not be able to pay the difference. My question is can my father receive any more than aid and attendance benefit from the VA? He also receives medical RX's when he visits the VA facility but we pay for local medical care, DR and RX's since the VA facility is so far away. My father is all set up in the VA and we send in all the appropriate forms every year. The person who answers the phone at the VA line says he gets the max now. I wonder if that is true? Thanks for your help. And God Bless you.
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    What condition is your Father rated at 30%? If you can get his rating up to at least 70% service-connected the VA will pay his full cost for nursing home or assisted living care. There's usually secondary conditions that can be related to his service-connected condition and also any side effects from the medication that he takes for his service-connected conditions can be rated as service-connected. Most all chronic conditions can cause depression and this too can be rated as service-connected.

    Veterans that are age 70 or older and/or in declining health can have the claims expedited. I am sure that the VA did not explain this information to you.

    My recommendation would be to follow-up with these issues.

    Also, since he is on A&A the VA should be providing his prescriptions that are prescribed by a private doctor. If the VA facility is over 50 miles away, you may be able to obtain a outpatient fee card that will allow him to get treatment from a local physician and the VA will pay the bill. They will also consider this if the veteran is not able to get to the VA facility.

    Hope this information will be of some help to you. Please tell your Father that we appreciate his service to our country. Thank you for making sure he receives the benefits that he is entitled to.

    The Veteran Advocate
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    Thank you for your quick response. My father still has shrapnel in him, left buttock, from WW11, so he is 20% disabled for that. He wears a foot brace for a foot drag too. He has bilateral hearing loss which is an additional 10%. Since this all dates to 2002 and he has been in the hospital twice in the last two months; a week each time, perhaps, the VA will increase the percentage. I will try. It took two year's of denial of benefits to get to this point. Thank you so much for your advice
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    This is just what I was going to ask! Just applied for Aid and Attendance for my father...when we got notified by his assisted living home that he needs to be moved to the Alzheimer section. There is a big jump in costs and even with the full benefits he too will not have enough to cover this. His pension is not "service related". PLEASE help!
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    I spoke to a person at the Texas Veterans and told them that I was seeking 70% service connected , up from the current 30%. His comment was that my father was already receiving the max through a & a. so even if increased to 70% there would not be any addition payments for the nursing home increases. I still sent in a request to increase to 70% due to incertion of the pacemaker and stints and beginning ALZ in conjuction with potential PSTD. I also asked for an expeditied decison.

    Do you have any comment?
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    Another area of improvement that the VA could work on is the coordination of benefits provided through the VA Regional Offices and the VA Medical Centers. I feel you have a good understanding what needs to be done but I don’t think the individual at the Texas Veterans is on the same page. I am attaching a first page copy of the VHA Directive that was issued on May 17, 2004 and expires on December 31, 2008.

    Most of these end up getting extended. I will include a few comments for your info. I highlighted these points on the attachment.

    • This is not an option for the VA to consider, it is the law.

    • It does not require that the veteran be in receipt of service-connected compensation but must be rated by the VA for a combined disability rating of 70 percent or more.

    • The veteran will continue to receive his compensation and the VA will pay for the cost of the nursing home or assisted care facility cost. The facility must be State approved but most are and if they are not currently on the VA approved list, they can apply to be added.

    Hope this info will be of assist to you. Please keep us posted on the progress of his claim.

    The Veteran Advocate
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    Thank you for your explnation. It says it all. I think the folks at the Texas Veterans and those helping from the American Legion are well intentioned but not well trained. You provide a terrific service to those of us trying to help veterans in need. God Bless you and your family. Thanks again. I will keep you posted.
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    see my request below your former response
    additional info
    The Dept of Veterans Affairs have "reopened" my father’s case and we have two appointments, (July 25 and July 29) one for the shrapnel still in him and scar and one for the hearing loss. I have told them that he has had strokes and now has a pacemaker and stints and a Veterans Dr has said he has beginning ALZ. He has had some indications of PSTD after returning from Germany after seeing fellow soldiers blown up in Germany. I sent them a list of the hospitals and doctors who treat him following their request for a list. Also, sent a list of the twenty medications he takes. He is in an assisted living facility and the Dept of Veterans affairs have copies of bills and when he went in, in 2004. My question is what should I say to the new doctors who we will see? These doctors appear to be "outsourced" and not part of the Dept of Veterans Affairs. What should I prepare for, should I bring my files etc.
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    This question was answered off line from the forums due to the complexity and specifics to this situation. Hopefully we will hear back that all went well.
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    Re: Aid and Attendance Military Time


    My father served Sept. 61-Sept 63 which is listed on the Vietnam time era but...I was told that he
    had to have served that time in Vietnam and not in the U.S. Is that true? If true is there any other financila benefit he could use for help with assisted living facilities? Thanks is advance
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    38 CFR Section 3.2 Periods of War
    *(f) Vietnam era. The period beginning on February 28, 1961, and ending on May 7, 1975, inclusive, in the case of a veteran who served in the Republic of Vietnam during that period. The period beginning on August 5, 1964, and ending on May 7, 1975, inclusive, in all other cases. *

    Unless the veteran in question actually served in Vietnam (in
    country) at least one day during February 28, 1961 through May 7, 1975 he would not be considered a war-time veteran. The veteran in question was in the service Sept. 1961 - 1963 but not in Vietnam.

    Other veterans serving in the service during August 5, 1964 thru May 7, 1975 could have served anywhere and would be considered a war-time veteran.
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    My Dad had a 100% disability service related and has now passed away. She recieves a DIC check. I have been caring for my mom with alzheimers for the last 8 yrs. back then they awarded her about $222 in aid in attendance. But now she is in assisted living she will need more expensive care. The local office I called said that the max and no more aid is available. I am thousands of dollars short each month. Is this true, if not which form do I fill out?
    Second question are there any facilities that will take care of spouses too? I am in Florida. Its such a shame that my dad lost full use of his body in order to provide for my mom and now its fallen to family.
  13. vetadmin

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    *38 USCS Section 1311(c)

    (c) The monthly rate of dependency and indemnity compensation
    payable to a surviving spouse shall be increased by $257 if the
    spouse is *

    *(1) a patient in a nursing home or *
    *(2) helpless or blind, or so nearly helpless or blind as to
    need or require the regular aid and attendance of another person. *

    You should also contact the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs for information regarding any state funded facilities for widows of veterans or any other possible assistance. Here's one site to look into. They may be able to provide additional sites or organizations. There are also some good links on this site.
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    am I understanding that $222.00 is the max that va pays for aid and attendance ? it don't go very far in helping to pay someone to help care for a spouse.. I'm 70% s/c and my wife needs a/a according to her heart doctor
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    Since you are receiving 70% s/c compensation, you cannot file for just your wife to receive A&A. She is eligible for it through your service and providing that you yourself require the assistance of others for your daily living. You would have to require assistance and opt for "pension" instead of "compensation. You cannot draw both, and you cannot file for her separate from your compensation.

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