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    OK So I'm new to the forum so if this question has been asked I'm sorry but I couldn't find the answer so I'm gonna ask it anyway.
    I'm helping my WWII vet. father (92) and my mom (89) with applying for AA, they are moving to ALF in 30 days. My first step is going to be sending the VA 21-4138 Support of Claim form to get the file started and once they have moved I will file the rest of the VA forms and info packet for AA benefit.
    My question is would it be best to put their NEW address in the 21-4138 even though they don't live there yet? I mean by the time the VA gets the form and responds they will be at the new address. I guess it is kind of a simple question but as I'm reading more here I want to make sure that every detail is as perfect as I possibly can so not to slow the process.
    Thanks for all the great info,
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    Even thought they are moving in such a short amount of time, I would not use the ALF address. If the VA sends any correspondence in that timeframe, you won't receive it.

    Better to wait until you file the entire application with the Statement of Occupancy from the facility to show their new address.
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    I have a similar situation and based on information Vetadmin provided and the experience of others, I am using my address in place of my parent's. Whenever I have to provide a mailing address I use this:

    c/o My Name
    123 my street
    my city, state and zip

    I think this will be safer in the long run so that nothing slips through the cracks. My mom is 92 and very alert, but I just don't want to take any chances. It's also more convenient for me.

    If I've made a mistake on anything here, I hope Vetadmin will correct me.
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    You are fine.

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