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    my husband got his decision letter today. Entitlement for non service connect is granted.. But no monetary benefits are granted due to income is greater then maxium allowable income... I am soo upset and devastated... they said yes he is definatly 100% disabeled and can not work but.... I don't know what I /we are going to do... we can't even afford the co pays for prescriptions at the VA... I have to go every 3-4 months and apply for hardship to get them waived.... I just don't know what to think....

    I understand there are rules... he is over my their calculations $186 per month.... I called the authorization dept guy and asked him to explain and what could be done... he said the vet can dispute and write a letter stating he pays his spouse $ weekly for care. He gave me a phone # to call I think it was washington va.. I called and spoke to them she said the same thing and gave me a fax # to fax this statement of disagreement and Informal Agreement signed by my husband stating my husband pays me xx per week for care.... I/we drafted it, faxed it, also asked that they expediate and change their decisIon into his favor based on this agreement.. as funds are crucially needed now for more extensive care (that we can't get ntil we get the $) as his health deteoriates. As well our initial date of application is well over a year ago sept 30 2008.

    I hope this is good information and guidance from these 2 VA people gave me and I hope and pray that they get back to us ASAP with positive information..

    I am just so sad and depressed right now Want to go to bed and stare at the wall.

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    Unfortunately, they are not going to allow a deduction for paying his spouse - is there another family memeber he can pay? Or are their medical expenses you may have left off? I assume you are not in assisted or supported living?
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    As kindly as I can say this... you need help understanding the process. It sounds like you would easily qualify for the Special Improved Pension, but you just don't understand HOW to accomplish the job. Specifically, you need to get another honest, reliable, compassionate, and most important credit worthy relative or caretaker/health care provider to join with you and take responsibility for providing the care both of you need. It can be a daughter, son, niece, friend etc..... just so they take responsibility as caretaker.
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