A n A and Medicaid in New York State

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  1. Neil

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    Can someone please help me with my full A A ward and Medicaid.
    I am presently in a Medicaid assisted living facility where they are paying everything. Going forward, how will my A A ward be affected by Medicaid or visa versa.

    Also, I initially received a payment of $9,650 which consisted of $990 for the time I was in a non medicaid rehab and they pay 90 per month and then the balance @ 1,732 per month where I am presently in a Medicaid assisted living facility. Will any of this have to go back to Medicaid? The $990 doesn’t come into the equation it’s the $8660 I’m concerned with.


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    I am not sure we can answer your question as we don't know the Medicaid laws. They vary from one state to another and what applies in one, won't in another.

    Either way, the most you can receive from A&A on Medicaid is $90.00 and this money cannot be spent on any medical expenses. Strictly personal items.

    Perhaps you can contact someone at the Medicaid office there to find out how they rule on this matter.

    Good luck with getting it resolved.
  3. Neil

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    Thanx for the reply.

    A few interesting things have happened since my last post and I'll share what has happened in case anyone finds themselves in the same position.

    First I'd like to correct something in your reply. I was in a non-medicaid rehab awhile ago and in my lump sum payment the VA only allotted me 90 pm because it was a non medicaid racily. I spoke with the ppl @ Philly where the award originated from and it was their explanation to me. It's when I went to the assisted living facility which is a Medicaid facility and where I am now, they awarded me the full $1732 and was reflected in the lump sum payment of 9600. Now it starts to go downhill big time.

    For me, A and A has been a good thing, until you have to report this to other government agencies. The government giveth and taketh. Now my social worker has to report the 1732 to Medicaid so they can 're-budget' me. Prior to the A and A through SS I was paying the assisted living place where I am 1285pm. After re-budgeting that went to 3,033pm. I'm now going backwards, dollars and cents I was better off before the A and A, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    I found out that in New Yawk, there is www.nysarc.org which through them you can set up a trust and kind of 'protect' your award from the VA. @ the present 1732 level it will cost me 120pm for the trust but what heck, it's better than just giving the the whole award and then sum back to the government and most important it's all legal and audited. There are a bunch of rules and regulations on what you can and can't do but in the long run it's in my best interests. The monies in the trust can only be used on me and for my living expenses.

    The way the trust works and gets set up is going to be a while (around new years) till it's all finished and in place. I'll come back and post as things develop.

    Thanks again 4 the input.

  4. vetadmin

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    Issue is that Medicaid laws vary from one state to another. No two are the same, so what applies in one will not in another.

    The most important note here is this: If you file for Medicaid no matter what state you are in, the max you can receive from A&A is $90.00 a month. This money cannot be spent on any medical expense. It has to be spent on personal items only.

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