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    Ok, after a few fits and starts I think I have everything ready to send in my mom's application. A couple of questions before I do it:

    1. Is there any order that all the paper work should be in? Application first, followed by the rest of the paperwork? Does the VA have a preference? Stapled? Paper clipped?

    2. My mom only has a checking account--do they want paperwork proof of the transactions from that account (aside from the totals on the application.) Should I send a print out of her recent transactions?

    3. I've read in a few places to include a letter to request expediency due to my mom's age and to note that we understand that she will need to be assigned a fiduciary since she has an Alzheimer's diagnosis. Should I do this? Will they even read it or just refer to all the application paperwork anyway?

    A huge thank you to the people who created this website and forum! The information contained on it has been such a help to us in this process. I'll keep my fingers crossed that we filled out everything correctly and get a positive response (but know that I probably have more work ahead of me :)
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    The order doesn't matter, just so long as it is all there.

    Remember that every page you submit needs to be reviewed, the more you submit, the more VA needs to review. That will take time. Only submit what is required to get granted:

    VA Form 21-534
    Care expense statement (monthly cost, date care began, level of care, phone number of provider, and insurance/Medicare/Medicaid coverage status)
    VA Form 21-2680
    Original or certified copy of discharge (if you don't have this yet, submit the application without it. VA will help you get this)
    Veteran's death certificate

    VA does not need receipts, bank statements, or birth certificates. As long as the forms are complete and the math adds up, this is all VA needs. Many people stress out too much about it and end up sabotaging themselves because while everything you submit might make sense to you, you have to remember that the VA adjudicator doesn't know you or your situation and can't read your mind. The forms were designed to ask the right questions. Submitting too much evidence can be confusing and time consuming to read.

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