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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SCD, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Thank you for your website, it has been a blessing! Hoping to hear back from VA soon. Very sad to see that even though my father qualifies and hopefully receives full benifits.....it is not enough to live in alot of areas in southern calif. Once he reached the "alzheimer" level it is over 3,000 at the least. They keep saying (and we agree) that he should remain close to his family, but what to do if they all live in an area that has too expensive of alzheimer care. We have all lived here BEFORE the prices got so high...and do not have the $ to provide any more for him....(truck drivers, waitress).
    His physical health is good, so he isn't ready for nursing homes (medi-cal), yet. We do not want to put him in a home with more severe alzheimer residents then his JUST because it is all we can afford. Sweetest dad in the world...and we are all very sad.
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    I am just throwing this out for general information. Many VA Medical Centers are starting to open 'alzheimer units', within their facilities. Some states also have State Veterans Homes that have 'alzheimer units'. May be worth to check out.

    Some families are not aware that they can use 'in-home attendants' in lieu of 'assisted care facilites'. The cost for the 'in-home attendants' is also a deductable medical expense.

    I hope all works out for your Father and the family. Thank you for looking out for him.

    The Veteran Advocate
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    Thank you! I do know that you have to get on a waiting list for VA homes. Everyone in my family works, no stay at home spouses :(.........so we would have to have someone in at least 8+hrs a day (average costs 15.00/hr) so there goes $2,400.
    Again my thanks, you have had some great advice (and hope to get thru this process with as few delays as possible). I am hoping to hear back from them soon. I religously read your forum and am extremely greatful for your work!

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