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    Would someone please help?
    My parents are in Idependent living, but it is the protected environment we have to have. My father cares for my mother- final stage Alzheimer's . Total care. He is somewhat forgetful and cannot cook, drive, handle his financial affairs. We cannot afford assisted care, nor does my dad want it. Besides meals, driving etc. there is always someone watching out for them. A separate home health care co. Is housed in the facility. I hire them for some things while I do all the rest. VA cancelled them as of Feb. 1st. Because the facility has independent in their title. I was told that this is only true of the Milwakee office, not the other 2. Is this true? Does anyone have any suggestions? My husband and I are having to make up the difference while paying for college for 3.
    I hate to inject common sense, but my dad's ship went down, he survived but can't have the help, meanwhile we ( our government) is giving free cell phones and time for people who have never even had a job. REALLY?
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    From the sounds of what you have posted, I would guess they are in a Holiday property. Were you told that they would qualify for this pension while living in an "Independent" community?

    It is getting more challenging and the VA won't even look at the medical issues if someone is in a retirement/independent facility due to the exploitation of this pension.

    We are not aware of one maintenance center denying while the others approve. There is a post on here stating as such, but we have not encountered this.

    Medical is medical, so the payments to the health care company should be allowable, but the pushback I'm sure is the rent at the property. The other issue you have is that Dad is acting as a caregiver, and the veteran needs to be in need for the full pension. instead of $1338 which is for a vet with ill spouse.

    Without knowing all the particulars of the application, I can't really make a suggestion to you.

    Sorry you are having to deal with this.

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