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American Veteran Aid Business: Don’t fall into this Scam

Have you heard of “pension poachers” trying to take advantage of our nation’s American Veteran Aid Business: Don't Fall into Scam; VeteranAid.orgveterans?

This news segment that aired about explains a bit more about them: (  Veterans and their families are being taken advantage of by companies like financial planners and elder law attorneys trying to illegally charge veterans. stands by its mission to offer detailed information on a veterans’ pension benefit called Aid and Attendance (A&A) and make sure these veterans and families can find this information for free. If veterans require assisted living care in a community or at home, we give them the information they need to apply for the A&A benefit themselves. Nobody is supposed to be charging to help a veteran file for this Aid and Attendance benefit money.

Veterans end up looking for help with finding more information about and filing for the Aid and Attendance benefit, only to become victims of “pension poachers”. Essentially, these businesses tell you they can find out if you’re eligible for the benefit and then help you with filing the application.

The catch is, these companies can charge anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in order to help a veteran with their services. Note that it is illegal to charge for helping someone apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit, or any veterans benefit for that matter.

One company in particular, which apparently offers their services nationwide and are located in Orange, CA, has received many complaints about their “business” which is essentially trying to make a dollar off of the back of our nation’s veterans.

Here is the American Veterans Aid company website:

And here is a list of complaints and reviews about the American Veterans Aid business:

Complaints of the American Veterans Aid company from our forums:

“I spoke to an organization last night and found out they charge $1475 to assist with the process.  That’s a lot of money.  I was looking for advice in the difficulty of doing this on your own and thoughts on paying that money to the organization for help.

The organization claims they get approval in half the time (4 to 6 months). But I see on this forum that some folks received benefits in less time than that.”


” I have been advised by the asst living director that they use a certain “non profit! To help their residents with Aand A. I also have been given other names from other people and have found American Verterans Aid
Who helps people apply for this. I need advice of whether to go this alone or use one of these resources. Can anyone give me advice here?”


How can you help?

We are trying to spread the word about our site and educate people looking for additional information to help them navigate their way through this difficult and overwhelming journey and stop them from being taken advantage of.

Let’s stop them! Let’s work together to get this story out there. Please share this information with your friends and any veterans you know who can use the help of

If you have a story of someone charging you for services in filing for the Aid and Attendance pension benefit, please feel free to comment and tell us your story or email  We need your stories today!

American Veteran Aid Business: Don't Fall into Scam;


February 8, 2016

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11 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “American Veteran Aid Business: Don’t fall into this Scam”

  1. candace says:

    NOT A SCAM. applying on your own can take as long as a year. If you did not fill in the application correctly or missing information, the VA will bound you back to the end of the line. Yes I paid $1,200 to the American Veterans Aids but they went through my application to ensure all the information was completed. My mom received her aids & attendance and my father’s pension (deceased in 1988 and never received a penny from the VA). Application process completed within a month. Applied on 10/31/2014 and VA approved the application with $1115 to my mother on Dec. 1, 2014. The American Veteran Aids offers a legitimate service. I was referred by a friend and I have referred the AVA to several friends who are completely satisfied. Yes, you can do it on your own but who has the time, the patience, to followup. I preferred to pay a knowledgeable service to get the deserved funds to my 90-year old mother.

  2. Kaylin says:

    Candace, I appreciate your input on this but you are wrong. And what American Veterans Aid is doing is wrong. It is actually illegal to charge anyone for help with filling out the A&A application. What they are doing is breaking the law and it is taking advantage of veteran families. We never charge anyone for our help at and we are completely transparent with all of the information you need to fill out the application yourself. I would rather know that I’m helping families get the award without charging them outrageous fees – even if it takes a bit longer (and not every case takes one year – it varies drastically based on how complicated a person’s application is) then charge them illegally and hope it only takes one month when, in reality, that is not up to American Veterans Aid control.

  3. Dewey Vaughn says:

    I need assistance with my Dad’s A&A application. I spoke with “American Veterans Aid” and there wanting $1,475.00 to complete the service and walk the application through the process. They say their service isn’t for filling out the application, it’s for their consultation. My father is turning 80 in two months. He was active duty during the Korean conflict and he needs assistance in his day to day care.
    This is the link to the site I visited. I’ve been working with someone at this office, until they told me about the fee. Can you direct me to the application and the process for get this approved?

    Dewey Vaughn
    469 952 4969

  4. Kaylin says:

    Hello Dewey, I just sent you an email to help you out.

  5. Suzzanne says:


    Thank you for the information and alert. We have been in touch with American Veteran Aid for my father. Can you please support your allegations of the illegality of their services with references, before we make a commitment?
    Thank you.

  6. Kaylin says:

    Hello Suzzanne,
    I have been told by quite a few users of the VeteranAid forums that their experience with the American Veterans Aid business was awful. They charge up to and over $1000 for their services – services that should be free and, by law, are required to be free. Helping someone apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit is something that should only be given to veterans and their families for free. Our veterans deserve to know this important information and given help along the way – but not be charged an outrageous fee in order to do so. That is why we, at, offer all of our information and assistance for applying for the A&A benefit for free.

  7. Suzzanne says:

    Thank you, Kaylin. However, I was asking for the law you reference in your response (“services that should be free and, by law, are required to be free”). Where can I find it, so I can ask these companies about it when I talk to them. Thanks.

  8. Kaylin says:

    Suzzanne, just check out this info straight from the government:

  9. Ken Russell says:

    This is my first attempt to try and apply for veterans benefits for my widowed mother. My deceased father was a veteran of WW2. Is there anywhere I can go for help.

  10. Kaylin says:

    Ken, I just sent you a private email.

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